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Gabriella Sahyoun L.Ac, MSTOM


My journey into Chinese medicine began while working at an acupuncture clinic during a transition in my life. While working there, I could see all of the wonderful benefits of this ancient medicine. I was drawn to the holistic approach of treating the mind and body as one rather than treating just the symptom. After receiving acupuncture for the first time and experiencing a sense of calm and relaxation from the treatment, I knew I needed to have this ability to regulate the nervous system for our busy modern lives. 

I graduated from Pacific College of Health and Sciences (PCHS) in New York City and devoted the past eight years of my life to studying this medicine. After graduating from school, most of my patients were coming in for pain, so I've made it my mission to understand how the anatomy of the body functions and how it also fails each of us, causing us pain and discomfort. I completed extensive training in treating musculoskeletal and pain conditions using Neurofunctional Acupuncture and Trigger Point or Dry Needling acupuncture. I continue to advance my knowledge of Western anatomy, acupuncture techniques, and Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with numerous continuing education courses to maintain my license. 

Clinically, I have experience treating musculoskeletal injuries and pain conditions, fertility and women's health, hormonal imbalances, and digestive disorders. Currently, I am one of the acupuncturists for the local professional football team. Whether you are an athlete, yoga enthusiast, cross-fitter, runner, cyclist, someone who sits at a desk all day, or a senior and you are in pain, I will be able to help you.

I look forward to working together!


Additional Training
  • Trigger Point Needling for Acupuncturists (Colleen Canyon & Jen McDonald, Current)

  • Neurofunctional Acupuncture: Lower Extremity Treatment Strategies (Dan Wunderlich, 2021)

  • Intro to Gut Health: Classical Chinese Medicine Approach to Modern Day Challenges (Andrew Nugent-Head, 2021)

  • Acupuncture Treatment of Pain in the Upper Extremity (Whitfield Reaves, 2020)

  • Treating Neck and Shoulder Posture (Whitfield Reaves, 2020)

  • Musuloskeletal/Orthopedic Assessment and Treatment for the Acupuncturist Upper & Lower Extremities (Dmitri Boules, 2019)

  • Acupuncture for Stroke Rehabilitation (Claudia Citkovitz, 2019)

  • Acupuncture for Addictions and Additive Behaviors (Lianne Audette, 2018)

  • Chakras & Acupuncture Channels (Dr. Carrie Murphy, 2018)

  • Brooklyn's Housing Works (PCHS Internship)

  • Integrative Oncology Unit at Mt. Sinai Beth Israel Hospital (PCHS Internship)

  • Initiative for Women's with Disabilities at NYU Langone Hospital (PCHS Internship)

  • Usui System of Natural Healing: Reiki Level II certification

  • Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac): State of New Jersey & New York

  • Licensed Herbalist: New Jersey

  • Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM): Pacific College of Health & Sciences (PCHS) New York Campus 

  • Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (Dipl O.M.): National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology: Boston University
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